My Circular Calendar - 2024

What is it?

This product is a scalable, customizable circular wall calendar, which can be configured according to your needs and style.
Thanks to its vector graphic format, you can print it in any size (file format: PDF).
It is only 12 €.

Key features

  • Weekends and weekdays depending on your country
  • National / public holidays marked with red color
  • You can an add custom events to the calendar (e.g. birthdays)
  • Sunrise and sunset times depending on your location
  • Civil, nautical and astronomical dawn / twilight times depending on your location
  • Supports more than 150 languages
  • Available for year 2024
  • You can choose the direction of the rotation (both clockwise and counter-clockwise supported) and orientation of the calendar
  • Contains a timetable